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FDCT-GRDR - Digital Cinema Gear Guide Gear Rental

Digital Cinema Gear Guide Gear Rental

Digital Cinema Gear Guide Gear Rental

Series: Digital Cinema Filmmakers Training Course
Length: 71 minutes
UPC: 70962911
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 11-Adult
Age Range: 17-Adult
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SRP: $49.95
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The Gear Guide is an introduction to filmmaking technology taught by the people who make the most popular, longest lasting gear. It's meant to bring you in contact with the gear before you can physically work with it. Imagine coming to Los Angeles, and having the benefit of meeting privately with the presidents and VPs of companies like Arri, Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE Grip), Kino Flo, Manfrotto (Bogen) and Schneider Optics. Imagine how much more prepared you will be to use their products once you get on the set of your next production. Your mind will be free to focus on creativity and communication, not learning new technical jargon. That's the purpose of the Gear Guide. It also keeps you informed on the latest gear, techniques, and tips on staying ahead in the Film and Video Industry. The Gear Guide module teaches how to use all the Camera and Lighting gear to make movies successfully and get the most out of the gear you already own. Each program focuses on specific gear and techniques. Focuses on Gear Rental with Steve Tobenkin from Birns & Sawyer in Hollywood. It does not make sense to own four different cameras for four different types of shoots. Enter the rental house. You can get a great camera package, lights, grip gear and stay within budget. Just rent the gear, use it, then return it. Makes sense, sounds easy. It's not. It is a very complicated process that invites expensive disaster. This program teaches you all the ins and outs of safely renting gear, as well as avoiding common horrors of discovering that "mysterious disappearances" are not covered by insurance companies and can leave you penniless for years. Learn every line of a common rental contract, every term and real street-advice every step of the way. Teaches: Safe Renting Practices, Rental Contracts, Insurance Types, Negotiating Travel Days, 3-Day Weeks, Building Relationships, Trust and Credit, Economies of Scale insurance tips and much more.