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F826 - Documentary Storytelling

Documentary Storytelling
Item No. F826

Documentary Storytelling

Series: Videomaker Videography Series
Item No: F826
Length: 34 minutes
UPC: 78615811
Copyright: 2012
CC: Yes
MARC Record: Yes
Language: English
Grade Level: 9-Adult
Age Range: 15-Adult
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3 Stars - Video Librarian. The most important part of any video is the story. In documentaries, a good story can turn ordinary situations into insightful and meaningful experiences for the audience. To help you make better documentary stories, we look at using the dramatic arc, structuring your story, storytelling styles, finding the story, culling the information, and controlling time to make an entertaining and relevant story. Teaches: Story Basics, Story Structure, The Approach, Researching the Story, Finding the Story, Controlling Time.


3 Stars - Video Librarian.